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Developing Your Vocal Style

Finding your signature vocal sound is a process, you will need to step out of your comfort zone. Here are some pointers.

Tips for Developing Your Vocal Style

  1. Research – Make a list of artists you most want to sound like, and why. You will need to do some work, create a list of vocal performances you would like to emulate. This can be a specific song that doesn’t necessarily reflect the artists entire repertoire. Sometimes singers like to step out of their genre, this maybe a Holliday song or a song written for a special event.Take special consideration of how the artist is making their sound, not how the whole musical composition is making you feel. Feelings aren’t sounds.
  2. Explore – Play with your tongue and mouth shapes. You tongue and mouth shape can dramatically alter your sound. You may like to clench you jaw, or sing through your teeth as a habit; you should explore all that your personal instrument has to offer. Try loosening up or singing with a accent. You may surprise yourself.
  3. Exercise – Build your instrument. Warmups are a must. Practice Breath Control, how long you can evenly breath out and in.

More Tips Coming Soon!